A culture of speech.

A culture of speech, could be considered, the most important indicator of culture in general. Therefore, the perfection of speech and manners are no limits. It is necessary not only learn to avoid speech errors, and to constantly expand your vocabulary, be able to hear your opponent, to understand him, to respect his opinion, to master the skill to correctly choose the words to every situation.

Culture of communication.

Style of communication creates a certain impression about us. Good if it is attractive. But speech can spurn the interlocutor. Therefore, the concept of a culture of communication more multifaceted than just a beautiful speech. It also includes the ability to listen and respect the rules of etiquette.

Often, being delighting by conversation, we forget about good manners. We would like to impose our understanding of the issue, did not delve into the arguments of our vis-a-vis, we do not hear, we do not control our own words.

By the rules of etiquette is strictly forbidden to put pressure on the interlocutor. And to impose your views not only ugly, but also has no effect. Most likely, your partner will begin to defend himself.

And if you do not listen the interlocutor, all the time interrupt him - this shows disrespect to his person, and that you have no elementary culture. A good interlocutor takes sincere attention to the speaker, respects the opinions of others, listens attentively.

But can happen the other way around - when your interlocutor does not listen you and interrupts you, imposes his view. Then start a conversation with a common cliché “Don’t you think that’s…”.

If you got into dispute, and you were wrong, as a cultured man admit your mistake, not leading up to the conflict.