​Good manners.

Good manners are the base of the behavior of the educated person in society. The way of communication, expressions used in speech, tone, intonation, gait, gesture and facial expressions are called manners. Modesty and restraint, the ability to control one’s actions, attentively and tactfully communication with other people - it is on these qualities are based the good manners. There are several basic rules of etiquette, which should be adhered to.

It is considered that to speak loudly, without being shy in expressions, unruly in gesticulation and behavior, clumsiness in clothes, rudeness, outspoken ill-will toward others, disdain for other people’s interests and needs, impudent imposition of will and desires to other people - the bad manners. Also, - the inability to restrain the irritation, deliberate insult to the dignity of surrounding people, tactlessness and foul language.

Manners refer to the culture of human behavior and are regulated by etiquette. Etiquette implies a benevolent and respectful attitude to all people, regardless of their position and social status. It includes a courteous treatment of a woman, respectful attitude to elders, forms of treatment and greetings, rules of conversation and behavior at the table. In general, etiquette in a civilized society coincides with the general requirements of politeness, based on the principles of humanism.

An obligatory condition for communication is delicacy, which should not be superfluous. Do not take for this quality flattery and unjustified praise of what you see or hear. Do not strongly hide that you see something for the first time, listen, taste it, afraid of appearing ignorant. Any pretense repels.

Ability to behave correctly in various situations can protect you from unfriendly attitude, which, of course, is important for any person, and especially if it is about his business relationships. The exchange of formal courtesies in fact is not such a banal thing as it seems at first glance. By taking the proper tact, you leave a pleasant impression - that’s the axiom.