Monday, 9 September 2013

Fitness and Fitness aspects


In previous posts you all are explained about HEALTH and NUTRITION in the previous posts, hope that works for you all. Now, further explaining the next most important thing about our body or say health is Fitness.

What Is Fitness?

We have heard a lot of things about Fitness. Some say they are fit because they never get ill, some say they are fit as they can lift heavy weights without any problem and some will say they are too fit to do any kind of work.
Fitness is not about to do some work or doing some work perfectly. It is something apart, how long you can perform in that task or what is the level of intensity. A physically fit body can sustain in all weirs and tiers of physical work.

Physical fitness depends on following components

  • Muscles
  • Composition
  • Flexibility


All the tasks we perform are dependent on working of our muscles. Our muscles also have two dependencies strength and endurance. Muscular strength is the ability of body to exert force in any type of activity, it can be built up by working out on muscles. On other hand Muscular Endurance is the ability if the body to continue to perform a work without being fatigue. Muscular Endurance can be built up by doing cardiorespiratory exercises such as jogging, cycling etc.


Our body is composed of many parts or say organs. Each part is made to perform some work itself.  A complete fitness is dependent on body composition. Every body organ is relatively dependent on the working of another organ. All body parts must work finely to comprise our daily tasks.


One can say that the body is flexible if its joints are working in flexible range of motion. Flexibility can be useful in performing physical activities such as sports, gymnastics and on other hand a flexible body can make quick decisions to prevent physical injuries.


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