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Health and Health Aspects

Health and Health Aspects

When it comes to word "health" lots of questions arise in everybody's mind. What is health?, how to attain a good health?, how to maintain a good health, how to keep our body fit in all circumstances?, I am healthy or not?. These questions makes our mind so much disturbed regarding our health.
This is an effort to create a small awareness in people and guide them throughout.

What is "HEALTH"?

Health is the overall wellness which includes physical, mental & social well being. It doesn't include the absence of disease but the complete working of body in all conditions. It is the physical capability for a well being to live and sustain in every condition or atmospheric challenges. Health and illness are influenced by a wide variety of factors. While contagious and hereditary illness are common, there are many behavioral and psychological factors that can impact overall physical well-being and various medical conditions. 

Health of a person is divided into some of the well known aspects:

Physical Health

Physical health is physical wellbeing. Physical wellbeing is defined as something a person can achieve by developing all health-related components of his/her lifestyle. Health and Fitness reflects a person's grip on his life, strength, flexibility, activeness, and body composition. Other contributors to physical wellbeing may include proper nutrition, bodyweight management, avoiding alcohol abuse, responsible sexual behavior (sexual health), hygiene, and getting the right amount of sleep.

Mental Health

A mentally healthy person is able to stay happy mentally, can concentrate on a task for an extended period of time, cannot get easily confused, he is alert, able to listen, and think these are the some qualities of a mentally healthy human. How to deal a particular situation also show the mentally healthiness and intellectualism of mind. Intellectual health also entails creativity, general knowledge, and common sense. All this is important for living a good life and making sound decisions in life.

Emotional Health

Emotional health is somewhat deals with human emotions. Being rigid emotionally are the sign of emotionally healthy person. An emotionally healthy person is in control of his thoughts , feelings, and behavior. Emotional health also effects our mental health. It effects all aspects of our life. An emotionally healthy person handles all his relationships, his professional business and his personal life with whole activeness and concentration. According to medical experts, people with good emotional health have a lower rate of stress-related diseases like, headaches, ulcers, migraines, stomachaches, and asthma.

What Do We Conclude?

To maintain good health, you need to work on all the aspects of health and to keep them in balance so that they work best for you.

Good health does not only mean the absence of an ailment or disease. But it includes all those things which are related to you and your surroundings. Your community, your relationships, social, professional and personal life all are effected with your health. Being healthy makes your life successful and leads you to the heights of success.


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