​10 rules of a real gentlemen

Women are often surprised - why the behavior of modern men is not so gentle and respectful as it used to be. How can they even behave like that? And there is nothing surprising - the current mass culture only encourages rude and arrogant men, the norms of behavior adopted now would have terrified people only some thirty years ago.

Many will say that this time is irrevocable, and you will not find a gentleman because now there is a time of equality. Let's change it together! It is time for men to think that noble and educated behavior is always in fashion. If you behave as described below, women will line up in queues to get some of your precious attention.

And women need to understand that letting your man behave as if he were you is a disservice to yourself. Be able to guide your man so that he is always on top!

The real gentleman opens the door for the lady

Opening the door is not a gesture of condescension, but of politeness and respect. Passing the lady forward, you can always admire how she beautiful she looks from all angles! It is also important to open the door in the car - it is also a great opportunity to control a woman who can slam the door of your favorite car too much.

The real gentleman chooses the path at the curb

When a man walks on the sidewalk and takes up a position at the curb, he protects a woman from cars rushing by nearby, from debris and splashing water from puddles.

The real gentleman watches she woman’s glass to be always full

This is one of the first points to remember in order to avoid embarrassing situations. A man controls what and how much a woman drinks next to him - he keeps the balance between an empty glass and the desire of the beautiful half to drink more than you need just for a good mood.

The real gentleman shares outerwear

In the cold, wind, rain and snow, a man always has a piece of clothing that he can take off and offer a woman as a salvation from the weather. Very romantic…

The real gentleman is punctual

There are no excuses for being late - that's all. Both women and men should arrive on time. Perhaps there is somewhere a perfect parallel world where this is exactly what happens. However, a woman can afford a little deviation within 15 minutes.

The real gentleman is not lazy to get up

When a woman enters the room, a man stands up, even if not to his full height. Such a sign of respect draws the attention of any girl and show her admiration.

The real gentleman makes compliments

It is not necessary for a man to speak lofty wording - the main thing is that it should be sincere! But to say nothing about how pretty the girl looks or how you like her hair is extremely rude. In the long run, chances are that she has put a lot of efforts into her look.

The real gentleman helps a lady to sit down

The man moves the chair back for the woman, gently holding her when she sits down.

The real gentleman gives place to a lady

A man rises from his place everywhere and always - on the subway, on the bus, anywhere. It's easy, but how much does such an action mean! Giving a place, a man shows respect for a woman and his noble nature at the same time.

The real gentleman helps a international women dating cope with the coat

A man helps a woman to remove and put on outerwear. So that she shows his care and strength.