​9 rules of etiquette for a first date

If you chose a stunning outfit for a first date and booked a table in the best restaurant in the city, this does not guarantee that everything will go smoothly. In order not to lose face, remember the basic rules of behavior. Some of these etiquette rules may seem too strict for modern people, however, they are well-known in the circle of intelligent men and women.

1. There are a number of so-called “taboo” topics that are best avoided on the first date: politics, religion, sports (if you support different teams), bad news (for example, terrorist attacks), past relationships, marriage (divorce) questions and etc. On the other hand, questions about marital status are quite relevant. Build up a conversation as if you were walking on thin ice: be extremely careful and stay respectful.

2. A man in no case can be late for a meeting. A woman in this matter can afford some liberties and come a little later than the appointed time, but not more than 15 minutes.

3.A date invitation should only come from a man. The only thing that a lady can afford is to slightly push the potential gentleman towards this decision. But at the same time, she must organize everything so that he does not even suspect her of it.

4. You do not need to invite a woman to a restaurant on the first date, especially to the expensive and pathetic one. You can confuse her with such a gesture. The best option is a walk or a joint visit to the exhibition. You should have time to socialize and get to know each other better. Food is distracting in this case.

5. It is indecent to offer a lady to split the bill. But, alas, no one is insured against such things, so there should always be funds in the women's handbag so that, if necessary, she herself can pay for her part of the check.

6. If a man still decided to have a date in a restaurant, it is rude for a woman to order the most expensive dishes, always stick to the golden mean.

7. A gentleman can certainly give a lady flowers. But you need to take into account where the first date will be held. If you are going to sit in a restaurant, a bouquet will not cause your companion any trouble. When it comes to a walk or joint visit to the exhibition, it is better to abandon this venture. Especially if you originally planned to hit the imagination of a woman and give her a hundred roses. It is most appropriate in such situations to present a bouquet at the end of a date because she will have the opportunity to leave your gift at home. We also want to tell the ladies that there is nothing terrible in the fact that your gentleman came without flowers.

8. A man is not obliged to call in a woman before a date. Still, it is no longer the XIX century, when the lady could not appear alone in a public place.

9. During the farewell, a well-mannered man should say when he will call. But not just "I will call you", it is better to specify, for example, "I will call tomorrow night." We note that, according to etiquette, a woman should not call the cavalier herself, no matter how much she wants it.