​9 rules of etiquette for a first date

If you chose a stunning outfit for a first date and booked a table in the best restaurant in the city, this does not guarantee that everything will go smoothly. In order not to lose face, remember the basic rules of behavior. Some of these etiquette rules may seem too strict for modern people, however, they are well-known in the circle of intelligent men and women.

1. There are a number of so-called “taboo” topics that are best avoided on the first date: politics, religion, sports (if you support different teams), bad news (for example, terrorist attacks), past relationships, marriage (divorce) questions and etc. On the other hand, questions about marital status are quite relevant. Build up a conversation as if you were walking on thin ice: be extremely careful and stay respectful.

2. A man in no case can be late for a meeting. A woman in this matter can afford some liberties and come a little later than the appointed time, but not more than 15 minutes.

3.A date invitation should only come from a man. The only thing that a lady can afford is to slightly push the potential gentleman towards this decision. But at the same time, she must organize everything so that he does not even suspect her of it.

4. You do not need to invite a woman to a restaurant on the first date, especially to the expensive and pathetic one. You can confuse her with such a gesture. The best option is a walk or a joint visit to the exhibition. You should have time to socialize and get to know each other better. Food is distracting in this case.

5. It is indecent to offer a lady to split the bill. But, alas, no one is insured against such things, so there should always be funds in the women's handbag so that, if necessary, she herself can pay for her part of the check.

6. If a man still decided to have a date in a restaurant, it is rude for a woman to order the most expensive dishes, always stick to the golden mean.

7. A gentleman can certainly give a lady flowers. But you need to take into account where the first date will be held. If you are going to sit in a restaurant, a bouquet will not cause your companion any trouble. When it comes to a walk or joint visit to the exhibition, it is better to abandon this venture. Especially if you originally planned to hit the imagination of a woman and give her a hundred roses. It is most appropriate in such situations to present a bouquet at the end of a date because she will have the opportunity to leave your gift at home. We also want to tell the ladies that there is nothing terrible in the fact that your gentleman came without flowers.

8. A man is not obliged to call in a woman before a date. Still, it is no longer the XIX century, when the lady could not appear alone in a public place.

9. During the farewell, a well-mannered man should say when he will call. But not just "I will call you", it is better to specify, for example, "I will call tomorrow night." We note that, according to etiquette, a woman should not call the cavalier herself, no matter how much she wants it.

​10 rules of a real gentlemen

Women are often surprised - why the behavior of modern men is not so gentle and respectful as it used to be. How can they even behave like that? And there is nothing surprising - the current mass culture only encourages rude and arrogant men, the norms of behavior adopted now would have terrified people only some thirty years ago.

Many will say that this time is irrevocable, and you will not find a gentleman because now there is a time of equality. Let's change it together! It is time for men to think that noble and educated behavior is always in fashion. If you behave as described below, women will line up in queues to get some of your precious attention.

And women need to understand that letting your man behave as if he were you is a disservice to yourself. Be able to guide your man so that he is always on top!

The real gentleman opens the door for the lady

Opening the door is not a gesture of condescension, but of politeness and respect. Passing the lady forward, you can always admire how she beautiful she looks from all angles! It is also important to open the door in the car - it is also a great opportunity to control a woman who can slam the door of your favorite car too much.

The real gentleman chooses the path at the curb

When a man walks on the sidewalk and takes up a position at the curb, he protects a woman from cars rushing by nearby, from debris and splashing water from puddles.

The real gentleman watches she woman’s glass to be always full

This is one of the first points to remember in order to avoid embarrassing situations. A man controls what and how much a woman drinks next to him - he keeps the balance between an empty glass and the desire of the beautiful half to drink more than you need just for a good mood.

The real gentleman shares outerwear

In the cold, wind, rain and snow, a man always has a piece of clothing that he can take off and offer a woman as a salvation from the weather. Very romantic…

The real gentleman is punctual

There are no excuses for being late - that's all. Both women and men should arrive on time. Perhaps there is somewhere a perfect parallel world where this is exactly what happens. However, a woman can afford a little deviation within 15 minutes.

The real gentleman is not lazy to get up

When a woman enters the room, a man stands up, even if not to his full height. Such a sign of respect draws the attention of any girl and show her admiration.

The real gentleman makes compliments

It is not necessary for a man to speak lofty wording - the main thing is that it should be sincere! But to say nothing about how pretty the girl looks or how you like her hair is extremely rude. In the long run, chances are that she has put a lot of efforts into her look.

The real gentleman helps a lady to sit down

The man moves the chair back for the woman, gently holding her when she sits down.

The real gentleman gives place to a lady

A man rises from his place everywhere and always - on the subway, on the bus, anywhere. It's easy, but how much does such an action mean! Giving a place, a man shows respect for a woman and his noble nature at the same time.

The real gentleman helps a woman cope with the coat

A man helps a woman to remove and put on outerwear. So that she shows his care and strength.

​Good manners.

Good manners are the base of the behavior of the educated person in society. The way of communication, expressions used in speech, tone, intonation, gait, gesture and facial expressions are called manners. Modesty and restraint, the ability to control one’s actions, attentively and tactfully communication with other people - it is on these qualities are based the good manners. There are several basic rules of etiquette, which should be adhered to.

It is considered that to speak loudly, without being shy in expressions, unruly in gesticulation and behavior, clumsiness in clothes, rudeness, outspoken ill-will toward others, disdain for other people’s interests and needs, impudent imposition of will and desires to other people - the bad manners. Also, - the inability to restrain the irritation, deliberate insult to the dignity of surrounding people, tactlessness and foul language.

Manners refer to the culture of human behavior and are regulated by etiquette. Etiquette implies a benevolent and respectful attitude to all people, regardless of their position and social status. It includes a courteous treatment of a woman, respectful attitude to elders, forms of treatment and greetings, rules of conversation and behavior at the table. In general, etiquette in a civilized society coincides with the general requirements of politeness, based on the principles of humanism.

An obligatory condition for communication is delicacy, which should not be superfluous. Do not take for this quality flattery and unjustified praise of what you see or hear. Do not strongly hide that you see something for the first time, listen, taste it, afraid of appearing ignorant. Any pretense repels.

Ability to behave correctly in various situations can protect you from unfriendly attitude, which, of course, is important for any person, and especially if it is about his business relationships. The exchange of formal courtesies in fact is not such a banal thing as it seems at first glance. By taking the proper tact, you leave a pleasant impression - that’s the axiom.

A culture of speech.

A culture of speech, could be considered, the most important indicator of culture in general. Therefore, the perfection of speech and manners are no limits. It is necessary not only learn to avoid speech errors, and to constantly expand your vocabulary, be able to hear your opponent, to understand him, to respect his opinion, to master the skill to correctly choose the words to every situation.

Culture of communication.

Style of communication creates a certain impression about us. Good if it is attractive. But speech can spurn the interlocutor. Therefore, the concept of a culture of communication more multifaceted than just a beautiful speech. It also includes the ability to listen and respect the rules of etiquette.

Often, being delighting by conversation, we forget about good manners. We would like to impose our understanding of the issue, did not delve into the arguments of our vis-a-vis, we do not hear, we do not control our own words.

By the rules of etiquette is strictly forbidden to put pressure on the interlocutor. And to impose your views not only ugly, but also has no effect. Most likely, your partner will begin to defend himself.

And if you do not listen the interlocutor, all the time interrupt him - this shows disrespect to his person, and that you have no elementary culture. A good interlocutor takes sincere attention to the speaker, respects the opinions of others, listens attentively.

But can happen the other way around - when your interlocutor does not listen you and interrupts you, imposes his view. Then start a conversation with a common cliché “Don’t you think that’s…”.

If you got into dispute, and you were wrong, as a cultured man admit your mistake, not leading up to the conflict.

A cultured man.

A cultured man - a quite rare phenomenon today. And the thing is that the term “cultured person” includes a variety of requirements. Let’s look who can be called cultured person.

First of all, the person who can be called a cultured person should have the courtesy and good manners. Etiquette, bases of behavior - this is what makes a human culture. It is not innate instinctual knowledge. They are acquired with age. In fact, etiquette is not based on empty, meaningless rules, it is based on the fundamental basis of life in society.

Culture has always been an indicator of the development of society, of humanity, of the individual. A cultured person is not just interested in everything that he had inherited from his ancestors, he also takes responsibility for his actions, which must comply with the rules laid down in the human environment. In addition, cultured man tries to bring its contribution to the development of the whole society.

But it all starts with small, with your thoughts, behavior, attitude to the environment and people. Unfortunately, despite the fact that today humanity has made great strides, for example, in technical terms, there is the rapid extinction of the cultural level. People do not accept the established rules, not pay attention to tradition. They do not even worry about their future by destroying it with bad habits, empty amusements and unacceptable behavior. No one is trying to do anything to improve his level of culture.

A cultured man creates a future life. He deeply understands the traditions of his people, to the cultural works of previous generations. A cultured man will never destroy the monument, will never burn the book. On the contrary, he protects the past with the help of his faith, strength, intelligence.